The BeKind Story

BeKind is inspired by a desire to make life beautiful inside and out.

Kindness is cultivated, like a garden. When you sow seeds of kindness, water them with hope, and bask them under the light of love, your garden will flourish, producing all sorts of lovely blooms. Kindness begets kindness.

When you’re kind to yourself, buds of confidence will bloom. When you’re kind to friends, family, or strangers, they’ll remember the sweetness of your gestures. The fruit of kindness is more kindness.

Before you know it, your garden has bloomed into something exquisitely beautiful, uniquely flavoured by your actions. It has taken on a life of its own

BeKind's Garden of Beliefs


We choose to use natural and effective ingredients. Every antioxidant, nutrient and active ingredient is handpicked to make up the perfect formula that is gentle and effective in repairing and protecting your skin.

Eco Friendly

We are devoted to protecting the planet and your skin. Our products use minimal packaging and come in reusable velvet pouches or paper bags


We do not include harmful ingredients such as Parabens that are detrimental to your skin and health. All BeKind products have gone through intensive testing to ensure that only clinically-proven ingredients are included in our products.


A portion of BeKind’s proceeds goes to charitable organisations that we work with. We believe in actively spreading love in the same measure as we do for skincare.


We pledge against animal testing. Our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.


Empathy is at the core of BeKind. We listen, understand, and care. Our products enhance beauty and nurture emotional well-being. True beauty begins with empathy.

BeKind Philosophy

What Our Customers Say

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I’ve received so many compliments on how radiant I looked! Everyone was talking about as if I have not aged at all! Thanks to BeKind Skincare, I got to maintain a soft, supple, and dewy complexion as if I had just walked out of a facial appointment! The best part is all the BeKind skincare products are all-natural and effective ingredients!
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Maintaining clear and healthy skin can be very difficult, and it requires a lot of dedication to the right products. With BeKind, I found effective results with my stubborn acne pimples and redness after just a short period of application!
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I normally struggle with sensitive and acne-prone skin, especially in Singapore’s warm and humid climate. It's hard to maintain clear skin. Personally, I’ve always found that my skin regularly dries out and becomes super sensitive but with BeKind’s gentle botanical-based Hydra Purifying Cleanser, my skin doesn’t dry out!
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It was hard to not try out My Cozy Room’s BeKind skincare range after my Ultimate Pore Extraction Facial experience with them! The results from the facial spa alone were amazing, but the BeKind Hydra Soothing Toner and EGF Repair Cream helped maintain my skin-post facial! Now I always look like I’ve just walked out of a fresh facial, especially adding the BeKind SPF50 Sunshield that’s super light and non-greasy, I am a convert!

a little drop of kindness can water a whole garden.

– Heather Wolf –

BeKind is a love letter to all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

NO Petrochimicals

Parabens Free

Fragrances Free

NO Mineral Oil

NO Formaldehyde

Cruelty Free

Sulphates Free

NO Synthetic Colours

Kind on Skin

About My Cozy Room
Singapore's Best Facial Spa

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa has over 10 years of localised experience in understanding and treating troubled skin.

It is also locally renowned for having the Best Extraction Facial treatment in Singapore. Apart from that, My Cozy Room is also proud of its award-winning Premium Anti-Acne LED Facial, which features a clinical-grade multi-colour LED therapy which is effective in minimising acne scars, reducing inflammation and clogged pores.

As most of our customers live in Singapore, a primarily humid and hot country, skin problems like acne, skin breakouts, and eczema are quite common. These issues worsen for those with sensitive skin. It is with these factors in mind that they developed the BeKind product range, a beautiful collection of non-comedogenic products that serve all kinds of skin.

Trust us for effective yet gentle skincare

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